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Family Bike Ride

Family Day Events with a Churned Twist

The laughter of children echoes through the sunny park, hands holding refreshing gelato, and smiles spread across the faces of employees as they mingle. This is the magic of incorporating a gelato experience into your family day event.

Gelato, with its rich Italian heritage and endless flavor possibilities, is more than just a dessert. It's an experience that brings people together, fosters joy, and creates lasting memories.

Flavourful fun

Choose from our gourmet gelato selection or collaborate to create a custom flavor inspired by your brand.

Brand Customization

Elevate your event with branded gelato cups or a personalized gelato stand, showcasing your company's logo and messaging

Stress-free Execution

Leave the logistical magic to us! We'll handle delivery, setup, and cleanup, ensuring your event runs smoothly.

Pre-cupped or on-site fresh churned

Opt for convenient pre-portioned 4 oz gelato cups or a live "churn & serve" gelato stand featuring 4 rotating flavors

Interactive Engagement

Add gelato decorating stations, toppings galore, or even fun gelato-themed games for an unforgettable experience.

What Our Clients Say

pop art character, pleasant face, asian

Raven, Local Guide

Love the vibes, love the ice cream, and love the owners even more! Both the owners are very friendly, when we saw their ratings on Google, we decided to visit, and their standard of ice cream and service truly matches up to their ratings! Simple yet scrumptious. They got a wide variety of flavour, they allow tasting as well, they are generous and willing to let you try, but do not take advantage of that! They provide iced and room temparature water too and despite it being crowded they did not chase me and my friends out, truly putting customers first. Had a great night there after dinner, just expect the place to be packed out! I’ll definitely be back! Such a nice place in town!

Kids Running

Lets Talk Gelato

Turn your family day into a celebration of laughter, connection, and pure deliciousness. We'll craft a personalized gelato experience with fresh flavors, charming presentation, and optional branding, all to leave your team smiling long after the final scoop. Ready to sweeten your event? Get in touch!

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