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Gelato Food Service

We offer top-notch, made-from-scratch gelato in bulk, ready to unleash a wave of flavor on your menu. Whether you're dreaming up creamy desserts, refreshing appetizers, or unique takes on cocktails, our gelato is your secret weapon. Imagine happy customers digging into scoops of pure Italian goodness, boosting your profits and setting your business apart.

Premium Gelato Options

Access our extensive library of classic and innovative gelato flavors, crafted with the finest ingredients for exceptional taste and texture.

Bulk Convenience

Choose from 5-liter stainless steel containers or 5-liter service tubs for seamless integration into your existing production workflow.

Reduce Operational Costs

Minimize waste and streamline operations with convenient bulk packaging and efficient temperature control solutions.

Signature Flavor Development

Collaborate with our gelato artisans to create a bespoke flavor inspired by your unique menu or brand identity.

Expand Your Menu Appeal

Elevate your desserts, appetizers, or cocktails with gourmet gelato options that enhance customer satisfaction and drive new revenue streams.

What Our Clients Say

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Raven, Local Guide

Love the vibes, love the ice cream, and love the owners even more! Both the owners are very friendly, when we saw their ratings on Google, we decided to visit, and their standard of ice cream and service truly matches up to their ratings! Simple yet scrumptious. They got a wide variety of flavour, they allow tasting as well, they are generous and willing to let you try, but do not take advantage of that! They provide iced and room temparature water too and despite it being crowded they did not chase me and my friends out, truly putting customers first. Had a great night there after dinner, just expect the place to be packed out! I’ll definitely be back! Such a nice place in town!

Many people eating in the restaurant

Lets Talk Gelato

Ready to take your menu to the next level? Partner with us and discover the magic of artisan gelato. We'll work hand-in-hand to craft a gelato solution that fits your unique vision, operational needs, and customer preferences. Let's discuss how gelato can unlock untapped possibilities, drive profitability, and build lasting customer loyalty.

Contact us today for a free consultation and unleash the sweet potential of ice-cream in your food service operation.

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